Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 92

Well now there's a time limit for this, I'll be counting down the days until I finish my Dissertation for my MSc.  The objective, to make use of Facebook, QR codes, an already established mobile IP, a lightweight multi-platform engine framework and of course to make use good use of my time.

I'll be updating this blog with each step I take towards fulfilling that goal, my aim is to have this code complete ninety two days from now.

My lightweight framework has come along quite nicely so far, pretty soon there will be a game in place that will run on three of the mobile platforms, Nokia, iOS and Android. Once the game is up and running on these platforms comes the fun part of integrating some QR functionality and some Facebook integration.
I'll be documenting various aspects of the framework as I go too.

But for now I'm setting up a time limit to get this thing finished in, as I'm much better at working to strict deadlines than loose ones.

So let's begin...